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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hunting Outfitters.net?

HuntingOutfitters.net is a website designed to provide users with the ability to search for Guides and Outfitters in selected areas, by species, or name.

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How do I submit my outfitting service?

Simply click on the Submit link here or above, fill in your information and your service will appear immediately! There is no charge!

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I submit my information but only part of the information appears or is displayed?

In order for all of your inforamtion to appear you need to be a paid advertising guide/outfitter. Then all of your information will appear, including...

  • Email
  • Pictures
  • bolded text
  • Phone Number
  • website url address
  • a picture icon next to your Outfitter listing
  • automatically bumped to the top your your states listing

    How do I get listed on the "Featured Outfitters" page?

    Getting listed is quite simple and easy, check out our advertise page here, for further details and pricing.

    How do I edit my information listed for my outfitter?

    Simply locate your guide/outfitter found here, then change and update the information that you'd like. Submission will take up 24 hours to appear online.

    I tried to upload and submit an image but it doesn't appear?

    Could be a couple of problems here...

  • Image size is to big (175 pixels x 175 pixels maximum size, 60 k max file size)
  • Image size is not in the correct format (jpg, tiff, gif, etc.)

    What is the cost to be a "Featured Outfitter"?

  • $75.00 per year (State Listing Only)
  • $195.00 for 3 months ($65.00 per month)
  • $360.00 for 6 months ($60.00 per month)
  • $648.00 for 1 year ($54.00 per month)

    For more detailed information on advertising see the advertise page here.

    Can I listed my guide and outfitting services under more than one state?

    The simple answer to this question is NO, if you list your guide under multiple states they will be deleted. We have a feature that allows you to choose which states/provinces you guide in called "areas hunted". Please don't submit your guide under multiple states, simply under the state you reside in or mainly focus your services in.

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