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Featured Outfitters

Rocky Mountain Ranches

Colorado Outfitter
Colorado Elk Hunting, Mule Deer Hunting, and Pronghorn Antelope Hunting on Private Ranches in the Colorado Rockies. Our big game outfitting and guide service can provide you with both bow and rifle hunts, but we specialize in do-it-yourself non-guided big game hunts and drop camps on private Colorado ranches. Owned and managed by licensed outfitter Larry Bishop. All of our elk hunting take place in 4-point or better units. Rifle hunters have enjoyed a success rate of over 50% on 4-point or better elk, over 90% success mule deer, and 100% success antelope. www.rockymountainhunting.com
Stricker Outfitting

Saskatchewan Outfitter
Charlie Stricker has been actively outfitting for forty years (since 1962) in Alberta and BC and Yukon, and is now mainly in the deer business. We are located in one of Canada's most remote areas. Often popular hunt areas will have less animals as well as higher-stress animals. As this is a reletively unknown area, few hunters make it up this way. We believe the next world record may come from our area. Our hunting guides are local to the area, and are hardworking and knowledgeable. www.deerhuntingalberta.ca
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Southern Outfitter
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Western Outfitter
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